SANDMAN SOUL is the result of the fruitful encounter of 2 enthusiasts, hassan EL YOUBI and Gérôme IACHKINE loving the sky, the nature and beautiful images.

So, we propose,exclusively on the Moroccan territory, radio-controlled dirigibles, allowing a unique vision of the nature and its flora.

Our radio-controlled airships, equipped with broadcast cameras such as Arri Alexa, Red Epic or other HD cameras both for 2D and 3D-stereo shooting, fly in full safety up to 200m above ground level.

SANDMAN SOUL delivers both 2D & 3D Stereo close up aerial images of high standards & quality, whether be it at long or short lenses. 3DS is side by side with adjustable interaxial camera distance. Images are shot thanks to our unique and self designed tools : tethered airships, helium inflated, max capacity of 150m3, fitted with a 3 axes giro-stabilized head that can be equipped with up to 2 cameras. Our airships can be equipped with any of the HD digital camera on the market (ARRI ALEXA, RED EPIC …) and are only operated by our highly skilled and experienced crew.